Discover the pearl of the Adriatic, the blend of ancient history and renowned hospitality

Situated only a 15 minute walk from the Dubrovnik Old Town (1.2 km), Hotel Lero offers a unique Dubrovnik experience.

Ideally located in the center of Dubrovnik, with local businesses reachable within minutes, hotel also offers a secure and permanent destination for a wide range of our business travelers.

Not like other hotels in Dubrovnik area, Lero is opened all throughout the year, and provides a secure retreat for those traveling all year round. Just 25 minutes transfer from the International Airport Dubrovnik – Cilipi which is situated 22 km away means a quick start of your holiday or a business trip.

About 20 minutes by foot to the Gruž harbor and main bus station, means a lot for those coming to Dubrovnik by boat, ferry or bus.


ABOUT DUBROVNIK - A medieval city on the Adriatic sea, a treasure of cultural - historical monuments, palaces and galleries. A city of international music and scenic festivals, congresses and sports meetings. Dubrovnik, the world known national heritage of southern Croatian coast, has left many of its visitors enchanted by a mixture of simplicity, history and culture in its one unique way. Constructed on cliff, surrounded with ancient walls, still preserved with its original architecture and monuments, shines as a pearl and attracts more and more visitors every day. Dubrovnik was originally called Ragusa and was formed in the 7th century when coastal residents took refuge there under the onslaught of barbarian invasions. It maintained its independence through canny diplomacy and used its wealth to expand its cultural and political influence. Thanks to a great maritime power and strong merchant connections Ragusa Republic lived in peace and prosperity for nearly five centuries. Today it still fascinates and warmly welcomes every guest who wants to enjoy, relax and experience a part of its rich history.